Blackjack is a game played in casinos and is considered as a gambler’s game. There is a difference between poker and blackjack. Poker is a game played among people at the table with the house getting a share of the profits. Blackjack is played between the gambler and the house. After pokies, which are reviewed on this excellent pokies portal this is one of the most popular games for Australians who like to gamble online.

How is the game played?

In this game the player is playing directly against the house. Cards are dealt with both blackjackcards face down for the dealer and one card face up while the other face down for the player. He opens his hidden card and says ‘HIT’ or ‘STOP’ to get his cards close to the number 21. If more than 21 he is busted and he loses while if he scores a number more than the house he wins. A blackjack is when he scores an exact 21.

Can you win in the long run?

This answer will astound you. It is yes and a no. The reason will be shortly answered. First, let us look at the various advantages the house has over us.

Since the house is playing against us, they always have a minimum of 1.5% advantage because of the mechanical edge over us. Also the fact that if the player gets busted by getting a number greater than 21 he loses his money to the house irrespective if the house gets busted or not. This percentage is not a theory, but a proven fact and can be proven with pencil and paper. This percentage will be more if you do not play according to the basics of blackjack. This percentage is not valid for a short period, but playing the game over and over for a hypothetical period of maybe 100,000 times.

If there is a negative side to play blackjack, there is also a silver lining. Counting cards is a term famous among the gamblers circle. Counting cards refer to designating a number to set of cards and according to the cards dealt on the table you could estimate the value of the count of the next card if it is a high or low card. Well, this tactic is banned in many casinos but if you are successful in counting the cards you could turn the game in your favor by having a margin of 2% against the dealer. It is necessary to know that you may lose games in the short run, but say you count cards flawlessly for a long run you will always have a 2% proven advantage on the house and you will win.

Thus, playing blackjack as a novice or as a professional decides the outcome of the game. If you win at the start of the game, do not get hopes high because you will always lose. Even if you have that 2% advantage over the house, you will never be able to win in the long run because of the ultimate truth: the house has more money than you. As with the pokies, it is important that you make sure that you get thorough reviews before signing up to a casino online or if you do not want to sign up at website so also you can play free online pokies games with no downloads .